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GQ STYLE.COM Star Interview

L.Joe (21 years old) Teen Top’s Rapper

An hour before taking this picture, you were? I was on stage.
Something you wanted to do this year but still haven’t? Go on a trip.
Something you feel was your best purchase? Sunglasses.
Basketball or Soccer?
Cola or Cider? Cola.
What color are the socks you put on this morning? White.
The people you want to spend Christmas with are? Family.
When do you need friends? When I drink alcohol, when I feel depressed.
When do you need a woman? Now.
The thing you want to eat most now? Chicken.
A habit you have now that you want to get rid of? Sleep talking.
Your favorite shoes? Hightop sneakers.
The thing you want to give your family during Chuseok? Money.
The last song you’ve listened to a hundred times? NC.A’s My Student Teacher
A movie you’ve seen several times? <A Dirty Carnival>
Is Taylor Swift or Taylor Momsen your style? Taylor Swift.
If you were born again? I would like to try living as a woman.
Ten years from today, what do you think you’ll be doing? I must have chicken with beer.
A beer you like? Asahi Beer.
Most favorite game? Starcraft.
Bug you hate most? Spiders.
Most used perfume? Diptyque.
T-shirt or dress shirt? T-shirt.
Something you really want to do right now? Have chicken and beer.

trans. cr; fyteenstop
source; STYLE.CO.KR