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(On picture:

Chunji hyung: What keke

Niel hyung: Poor Yerim-ssi ke)

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형들의 문자, 엔터테이너스에서 밝혀집니다 7월 31일 첫방

Hyung’s messages, it’ll be revealed in Entertain Us First broadcast on 7/31

(On picture:

Chunji hyung: Niel-ah, your love scene today was no joke keke
Looks like a main cast member~

Niel hyung: Hyung, when did you take this? Aren’t you and Yerim-ssi supposed to be no joke too?)

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쫑이가 밥사줬어요 우왕♡

Jjongie bought me food Wowie♡

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TEEN TOP On Air - Chunji’s Musical ‘Cafe-In’ Practice Sketch

[140722] Between the rumors and truth in the world of singers, everything will be revealed fully!

[140722] Mnet’s [Entertain Us] Hidden Ambitions ‘L.Joe’s’ Cussing!

#TEENTOPMeetsANGELinJuly 틴탑의 일상 엿보기!

창조의 핸드폰 갤러리 털기!
[창조] 이 정도는 되야 갤러리 털기지


#TEENTOPMeetsANGELinJuly A peek at Teen Top’s everyday life!

Emptying out Changjo’s cellphone gallery!
[Changjo] This is really emptying out your gallery


trans. cr; fyteensontop